My Prayer for America

This blog is my effort to share the saving power of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with as many people as I can.


I’m praying today for this country in which I live:

  • For people who benefit from the current system; who think they will not benefit from better systems and are mongering fear among those who don’t yet know the security of strong belief in a omniscient, omnipresent, all-powerful God.
  • F0r people who have been hurt by the current system; who are tired of being used (even victimized) for the benefit of others and lash out against those whom they blame (rightly or wrongly) for their oppression.

I’m praying for unity of hope and mission:

  • That we will lay down the artificial structures that make us think less of certain fellow citizens who are somehow (physically, spiritually, ideologically) different from (and by our faulty reasoning, therefore inferior to) us, and take up our obligation to act like citizens of something bigger than ourselves, to work together and each contribute our fair share to making this system – this country – work for all of us.
  • That we – all of us – stop trying to enrich ourselves by taking from fellow Americans and future citizens, and start offering what we can of who we are and what we have to preserve this nation.

Those are my prayers.  God bless America, her citizens and her leadership.